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Blogs from September, 2018


Throughout the cooler autumn months, you tend to spend less time outside and more time inside. It’s important to make a careful inspection of your yard and complete any maintenance jobs to prevent and pest problems that might arise. Just as with people, pests like to find a warmer spot inside when the temperatures get colder outside.


Insects are abundant during the autumn months. These pests begin to look for ways to find shelter in the fall so it is crucial to ensure there are no gaps in windows or doors that would allow them access into your home.


Along with bugs, rodents are also looking for a warm spot during the cooler months. Mice and rats, in particular, will squeeze their way into your home through any opening they can find. And, if there are no small gaps, they often gnaw away to make an opening. Rodents generally find their way into pantries, attics, basements, and walls. You will know if they have arrived by the droppings they leave behind. Make sure to carefully check the entire perimeter of your home for any possible openings. If necessary, schedule an inspection with a reputable pest control company in your area.


Ants tend to want to come inside during the cooler autumn months. They have been known to bring their entire colonies inside for protection. They can hide behind walls and beneath concrete. If you suspect you have an ant problem, contact a professional for help, before the issue becomes enormous.

Autumn Maintenance

There are some simple maintenance steps you can take to decrease the potential for pest problems in your home during the colder months.

Inspect your entire home for any gaps or holes. Pay specific attention to pipes and utility lines. Cut back any landscaping you may have around your house. These checks and steps will help to keep pests from getting closer to your home to find a way inside.

Once your garden plants have lived out their potential, pull them and put them into a compost pile as far away from your home as possible. Remove all lawn and plant debris from your patio and yard. Cut back any overgrown plants to prevent them from touching the exterior of your home. You should be able to walk entirely around your house without any vegetation impeding your path.

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