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Blogs from February, 2019

Ant Infestation

Being social creatures, ants will bring an entire community with them into your home if they can find a reason to invade. The following tips will help reduce the risk of an ant infestation by keeping them out of your house in the first place.

Once an ant community has found its way into your home, the potential for them leaving of their free own will is zero. They have decided to make your home and all of the food within it, theirs. The only way they’ll leave is if you get rid of them.

Types of Ants

There are several types of ants that might decide to make themselves at home in your house. Black ants tend to live in colonies outside. You can take care of black ants by following their trails back to the colony source to treat the problem. Seal off any access points that they might be able to use to get inside your house. Carpenter ant problems are more difficult to solve. These ants tend to nest in moist wood and can create all sorts of damage inside the walls of your home. If you have a carpenter ant problem, its best to have a reliable pest control professional inspect your home and give you an effective plan for solving the issue.


Many people are of the misbelief that ants are attracted to a dirty home. The truth is it really doesn’t matter how clean your home is. Ants will become unwelcome guests in your home for a variety of reasons with the most likely being the sources of food that you are offering. Your home becomes a place where they can eat, drink and thrive.


Getting rid of an ant infestation requires some work but you should be successful by following some important tips. Clean your kitchen counters and floors regularly. First, warm, soapy water to wash the surfaces. Next, wipe the areas with disinfectant wipes to erase any trails left by the ants. Store all your food in airtight containers or the refrigerator. Ants won’t distinguish between prepared foods and garbage so it’s important to remove your kitchen trash as soon as possible. Scheduling a regular service plan with a pest control company may be your best solution for ensuring that your ant problem is solved. Your service professional will inspect your home, provide you with a solution, treat the interior and exterior of your home and return regularly to ensure that the ants don’t return.

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